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Sights around Kappruet

It's always
great to be out in the open, and with a few sights can trip even more interesting.

Around Kappruet is a fantastic mountain and cultural landscape that offers much to explore. There are canyons of the ice melting, rare alpine char, old shacks from the time when it took the animals to summer grazing, and both people and animals lived there.  

haellmaalningar.jpgRock paintings, Dwarf Arctic char and canyons

A pleasant and well marked trail with beautiful views of the approximately 6 km that takes about three hours to hike. The tour starts at Ruvallen, an old mountain pasture area where people used to come with animals to summer grazing. The walk starts slightly uphill for 3 km to the rock paintings rock paintings that are between 4-5000 years old.
The tour continues over one km to Evagraven, a large canyon formed 10 000 years ago during deglaciation. Here you can choose to shorten the tour by going straight down the tomb back to flatruet.jpgRuvallen, about two kilometers, or continue to Fiskhålsgraven - which is a canyon with the protected dwarf char, a unique species that survived the Ice Age. It probably came here 7,000 years ago during the melting of the Baltic Sea when the sea level was 250 meters above the current level. Since is 2 km left back down to Ruvallen.

Start Location: Messlingen. Continue the road to Hede past Baggården in less than 2 km, turn left at the roadblock at Ruvallen. Private toll road last 2 km, put 20 SEK in the box by the road.

Flatruet, Sweden's highest road

Flatruet is a low mountains in northwestern Härjedalen, between Mittådalen in Härjedalen and Ljungdalen. Sweden's highest road stretches over the mountain and is worth a trip just to see the view. At the information board at the road's highest point also starts a beautiful summer trail. An easy 7 km ride on flat terrain that goes westwards towards an impressive panorama of mountain peaks on the horizon.

Start Location: Road 531 between Mittådalen Ljungdalen, park at the highest point at the information board.

Mittådalen´s Samivillage also has a reindeerseparationlocation not far from the road.


Messlingen´s lakeside beach is located towards the outlet of the lake and is a nice sandy beach with a couple of benches. On the site are also held seine fishing a couple of times a summer for everyone to attend.

Map to Messlingen Beach:





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